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St Pete Bay View Home Location: Saint Petersburg Pinellas Point Status: Construction 2023 Design Principal: Paul Beuckens, AIBD Contractor: McClure Contracting, Inc. Project Description: Located in the Pinellas Point area of St. Petersburg, FL the site offers impressive views of Tampa Bay and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and a beautiful bayside park. To meet FEMA flood requirements the 1st living level is 5 feet above the existing grade. We did not want to raise any further as we wanted a direct connection to the landscape with as few steps as possible. There are many 100 plus year old trees in the neighborhood and our site has three terrific long needle pines that we designed the house and views around. In particular two pines along the south property line provide a picture frame view of Tampa Bay from the 2nd floor balcony and roof top deck. Large folding and sliding glass doors to generous terraces and balconies will help blur the line of inside and out, generous windows throughout will provide views of lush tropical plantings, neighborhood trees and water features helping make the home feel larger. The main level floor plan is intentionally split into public and private spaces with the use of tall stone feature walls. The private wing will be used by the owners' parents when helping raise young children. The public spaces for cooking, dining and entertaining were designed in an open great room plan with direct access to the pool side terrace. The second living level consists of a primary suite, kid's bedrooms and a lounge or kid's play area. The primary bedroom and oversized terrace offer direct views of Tampa Bay and it gets even better as you migrate up to the roof top viewing deck. Just as important to the views is the connection to the site itself. This is accomplished with an entry courtyard that will be planted for privacy and visual interest with a variety of native plants and a water fountain feature with terraced planters. This will provide visitors an opportunity to pause and reflect on their way to the entry foyer. The material palette of stucco, natural cedar and stone for the home is derived from the surrounding environment of tree bark, a variety of green leaves, needles & grasses and the nearby waters of Tampa Bay.

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